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We follow the golden rule that winemaking starts at the vineyard – that’s why we grow quality grapes with excellent characteristics. We give the vines the time they require to build a carbohydrate reserve, we do green pruning and optimize the leaves canopy, so more sunlight to reach the fruit. Harvest is only done by hand, in small crates that take two minutes to be transported to the cellar. Then follows a secondary selection – picking only the best grapes. The standard vinification is done in stainless steel containers at controlled temperatures; whereas the secondary vinification is done in French oak barrels.


Fifty-fifty <br/> 2019

Syrah Fifty Fifty Zornitza Family Estate 2019

The flagship of Zornitza’s 2019 vintage continues in the same style as the pilot Syrah Fifty/Fifty 2016. This wine was made with the ripest grapes from the third and fourth Syrah harvests. It will tempt you with a deep purple colour and all aromas and tastes that come with a quality Syrah. A wine for competitions and special occasions.

Bordeaux Blend Zornitza Family Estate 2019

Bordeaux Blend Zornitza Family Estate 2019

A blend in the style of Bordeaux from the varieties Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Dense, fruity and very concentrated wine with excellent balance and long finish.

Blauer Portugieser & Melnik 2018

Blauer Portugieser & Melnik Zornitza Family Estate 2018

Coupage in the Pinot Noir style, featuring the varieties Blauer Portugieser and the Broad Melnik Vine. Wine with low to medium density and marked fruity character.

Marselan 2019

Marselan Zornitza Family Estate 2019

A truly brave decision – 100% Marselan, which we can’t really say is typical for the Melnik region because it is normally associated with France. A formidable wine, high in acidity, tannins and alcohol, and with huge fruit reserves. You are sure to remember it, but should you forget all about it and come upon it in the cellar a few years later, the pleasure will be even greater.

Melnik & Marselan 2019

Melnik & Marselan Zornitza Family Estate 2019

An exceedingly interesting and impressive wine – medium body, very fresh and with a ripe-fruit flavour. Dry, perfect balance and dominance of the Broad Leaved Melnik Vine. An excellent choice for the summer season, as it can be served slightly chilled, wine in Pinot Noir style.

Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon Zornitza Family Estate 2018

A classic coupage with great potential for development. Tight and complex wine with a palette of red and black fruit, spicy and sweet spices, wood and balancing freshness.