Wines & Vines

The large number of sunny days – over 280, the hilly landscape and the fruitful soils of the Melnik region give birth to taste-filled grapes, which we make into memorable wines. The aroma and taste qualities of local vines raise more and more interest at big world wine exhibitions.

The history of our cellar began in 2011, with the plantation of 50,000 sq. m of vineyards on top of the hills around the Estate. Syrah is the dominant vine, accompanied by 17 other local and classic red wine grape varieties. Apart from the typical Bordeaux Blend Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Frank we also cultivate Syrah, Grenache, Marselan, Cinsault, Petit Verdot, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese and other less popular vines typical for the valley the of the Rhône river and Central Italy. The region is represented with the traditional Broad-Leaved Melnik Vine, Melnik 55 and Melnik Rubin.

The age of the vines varies from one to five-six years, and we also have some Broad-Leaved Melnik vines aged over 10 years. The soils are sandy and permeable. The vines are planted on slopes for even better permeability and optimal sun exposure. The grape harvest starts in mid August and lasts until late October.