Our food has soul

The unique taste of fruits and vegetables, grown with love and expertise at the eco farm of Zornitza Family Estate, will tickle the palates of those who like to combine taste with healthiness. At the aEstivum restaurant, we will serve you meals, flavored with a bouquet of fresh spices from our gardens; you will get to try artichoke that has been grown on-site, and will discover the taste of pure organic honey.

Apart from freshly prepped food, you will also find jams, cheeses, pickled veggies.

Whatever you see, you can buy – take it home and share the taste with friends.


In only three to four years, Zornitza Family Estate will be the kingdom of truffles. We have planted more than 250 evergreen oaks, infected with black Burgundy truffle, and 250 stone pines with Bianchetto truffle – all of which will soon step into the Chef’s dishes.

Our trufflery shall give its first yields in a few years, while, in the meantime, we source truffles from small Bulgarian producers. We use them in signature dishes to add taste and aroma.


We have a home-ran micro-production of jams, made of seasonal fruit from our orchards – plums, apricots (wild and cultivated), peaches, cherries, and figs. We jazz them up with some spices, such as tonka beans and truffle.
In the summer, the aEstivum’s tables are served with juicy strawberries, cherries, peaches; while the autumn is the time for pomegranates, pears, plums.


Near the oaks infected with black truffles there are twenty beehives that give fruit, black locust and herb honey. Don’t miss to try them all during breakfast at the Bistro 55 restaurant.


We offer cow milk yellow cheese, fresh-salted cow milk cheese, sheep and cow cheese,
home smoked cheese and a fresh cheese, which we call Balkan Mozzarella,
as it is seasoned with Bulgarian spices.


We breed 12 hens that lay fresh eggs. We use them in homemade pastries and cakes,
which we serve at breakfast at the Bistro 55 restaurant.


Our vegetable gardens produce a few sorts of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, artichoke, asparagus, courgettes, rocket salad and a variety of green salads. We also have four beds of spices and edible flowers.