culinary adventure

Terroir is traditionally related to wine but food has it too. The term is used to define the uniqueness of a place, which gives the products from that region a particular taste – be it the cheese from the local cows, the herbs from the gardens, or the fruits from the orchards. It has to do with the soil and the climate characteristics but not only – terroir also embraces the soul, culture and traditions of a place.

Our aEstivum terroir’s menu combines the best of the local tastes and products and the international gourmet trends. It evolves with the seasons and the inspiration of chef Vassil Spassov – give yourselves to his culinary imagination and virtuoso approach to terroir cuisine.

“Kashkaval” cheese and Lamb

Lamb carpaccio

“Kashkaval” cheese tuile

Tomato salsa, spicy peppers

Mayonnaise and green leaf vegetables

Foie Gras and Rose

Foie Gras terrine

Rose ice cream


Beans, sausage, herb flatbread

Beans stew

Herb flatbread

Homemade sausage

Pickled jalapenos


Pine forest

Ganache montee with white chocolate and truffle

hazelnut praline and hazelnut dacquoise